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The Summer of OM Challenge

This summer, the London OM Community is hosting a 6-week roster of events celebrating Orgasmic Meditation. There will be talks and games’ nights, dinners and workshops, as well as, international Zoom calls and Facebook Live events - it has never been a better time to be an OM practitioner!

One of the main focusses of ‘A Summer of OM’ is actually encouraging new and existing practitioners to make OM a regular practice. To this end, the community is hosting a '42-day Summer of OM Challenge' in which practitioners are encouraged to OM at least once a day for 42 days.

When you sign up for the challenge, you receive daily inspiration for your practice, as well as, tips and tricks from certified OM trainers on how to channel your turn on into every area of your life - relationships, career, parenting and purpose, just to name a few.

You will receive your first email on the morning of Tuesday July 23rd when the challenge begins.

According to a particular galactic hitchhiker 42 is actually the answer to the meaning of life!

What could you discover by committing to OM every day for the 6-weeks of summer?

Take up the challenge, gain a fresh perspective!

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