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Art School - The Erotic Artist, Life as Art

On Thursday Aug 31st at 7pm BST, join former OneTaste Sales Director Rachel Cherwitz for a one hour introduction to OneTaste’s brand new program, Art School.


Art School is an online program exploring the domains of healing, liberation, connection, and justice through the lens of Erotic consciousness. You are the artist of your own life, and the world is waiting for your touch to awaken and draw out what it wants to bring forth. Art School has been designed to develop the next generation of Erotic Artists, people who desire to possess the sight, skills, and passion to draw the eternal to the everyday in such a way that the world benefits and both the art and artist are changed.

The program takes place online (on the Eros Platform) and includes monthly live virtual lectures, recorded lessons, and group mentoring.


The Erotic Artist is anybody who desires to live life as art. The Erotic Artist drives into the heart of life's dualities, engages with the whole spectrum of human experiences. They explore not only freedom but also confinement, and approach their experiences with a creative eye, constantly absorbing, processing, and evolving. They are an active participant in their life, defining it by their own rules, carving their own aesthetic. Freedom is not a state to be achieved, but an intrinsic part of being. The question they grapple with is not about seeking freedom, but what they intend to do with this inherent freedom.

The most courageous declaration of all is that of the Erotic Artist. The pledge is to turn poison into medicine, to love the unlovable, to employ the human heart, moved by Eros, in the act of loving into being what each one most desires to become. As the Erotic Artist, your ingenuity and sensitivity, receptivity and broken heart–everything–will be offered over in partnership to the great creative mind. You will practice life as art–revealing the power of words and contours and visions. This is what is asked of us in Eros, to partake in the sacred partnership with the creative force, to draw from the material of the mystery, to shape and form it into it’s requested form, being ourselves formed in the process.

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