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Aneka Theolade, Your Orgasm Coach, London, UK

Apart from teaching people how to OM, Aneka coaches men and women on sex, desire, and self-esteem. "Before I became an OM practitioner, I never understood what it meant when people said “feel your body,” says Aneka, "I was so disconnected from mine and had been for so long, that I didn’t even know that I was."I couldn’t tell you when the disconnection happened though I imagine, it was probably almost complete by the time I was 18 and raped by a friend. By then I had been the victim of many experiences in which I felt inadequate, ugly and alone. I had begun the journey to healing and to being a coach many years before I found OM but nothing helped me lift the burden of shame in the way that connecting to my body and my capacity for pleasure did. Now I offer people what I have been given through OM - a way out of victimhood, the tools that help to build lasting self-esteem, and a lifetime practice that makes desire a compass to the fullest self-expression."


Marga bio.jpg

Marga Berlinski, 
Orgasmic Meditation/Life Coach, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I work with women (and men) who desire more connection, intimacy and satisfying sex. This often touches areas of self-esteem, body image and feeling confident enough to speak up and get your needs met exactly how you would like them to be. 


Having healed in these areas myself I coach from a place of experience, recognition and compassion. I bring clarity, playfulness and approval to every conversation. With me as your coach, you can explore, discover and break through patterns that have been stopping you, and get connected to your purpose and desire. 

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Wahome Gitonga, OM Life Master Coach; Master NLP Practitioner, London UK

Wahome Gitonga is a transformational coach and master NLP practitioner with over 5 years experience working with men “to produce big changes in their lives.” 


“I provide exclusive and strictly confidential coaching to men who are highly successful and love to explore, grow, and be leaders who want to make a difference in the world,” says Wahome, “I support them by helping them to create the reality they want to live into by initiating change, instead of adapting to work/lifestyes that deplete and compromise their energy.”


A senior OM practitioner and Master OM coach and trainer, Wahome explains that his clients are usually men who “want to see real transformation in their lives.” He provides 1:1 confidential transformational coaching, Orgasmic Meditation training, one-day personalised experience and online group coaching programmes to any man who wants to “attract women to build long-lasting relationships with and wants to see how he can have a greater impact on the world he lives in, and

 step into a greater vision for his life and the legacy he wants to leave behind.”


David Molan, Relationships Coach London, UK

“It is our natural state as children to be full of amazement, wonder, and the flavour of what joy feels like,” says OM coach and trainer, David Molan, “that’s before we are relegated to simply being a function for other people.” 


Describing himself as having developed an understanding of what it means to be an “urban shaman,” David has brought together his training in Orgasmic Meditation with a decade-worth of experience as a bodyworker and an equal number of years working in a corporate environment, to create a style of coaching that works with what he calls a person’s “emotional architecture.” 


“I like to take little journey inwards with my clients,” David explains, “look around to see if it’s well-kept, and help my clients discover all the value that is under the surface.” “Our inner world is the broader part of ourselves,” he says, “the deeper part that relates to the world around us. It is there we discover what stops us from being present, how we can navigate around what we find problematic and also where we become aware that so much more than what we are conscious of is available to us.” 


Hana Sim2.jpg

Hana Sim, OM & Love Trainer

Tokyo, Japan

The quality of your love determines the quality of your life.


I hold people who want to let out the deeper, fierce love and to surrender themselves to its power.


Fierce love brings desire, truth and your heart into alignment. OM ignites a fire which burns the impurities and restores your connection with the inner compass in your body.


I serve the soft, young part in you which seeks to outgrow hardened patterns and get you free.

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