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The opportunity of Mixed Gender Groups

There is a saying in the world of OM that goes “as in OM, as in life.” This saying is similar to others, like “as above, so below,” “as within, so without,” and “the microcosm reflects the macrocosm.” They can all essentially be interpreted as meaning that the world of what can be seen and experienced is a mirror of the world that cannot be seen or taken in with the 5 senses alone. Many believe that this is where OM’s true power resides - that as a practice it mimics the interaction between feminine and masculine energies, providing a framework for understanding the essence of both in the individual and how they can play a part in creating intimate relationship with others.

Many religious and philosophical traditions have posited that everything in the physical world is comprised of masculine and feminine energy, though in varying degrees. Masculine and feminine is not the same as male and female, nor does it describe sexual orientation. Instead, they represent qualities of being that are both opposing and complementary of each.

For instance, masculine energy is associated with presence, action, neutrality, freedom, and consciousness. Feminine energy on the other hand is associated with connection, flow, intimacy, and receptivity. As individuals, we have both energetic forces within us and when they work together, we feel whole and complete. According to Nicole Daedone, founder of the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, it is our longing to create co-operation between these two forces inside ourselves and therefore to have the experience of wholeness, that is played out in the interaction between the male and female.

We sense that our true power lies in the union of the masculine and feminine but we seek resolution to the inner disconnection we feel, outside ourselves, in our relationships with others. The fundamental misunderstandings between men and women point to the aspects of ourselves that we need to bring into relationship with each other, says Nicole. Our relationships then, can be powerful catalysts for self-realisation. As we consciously tease out what continues to block the way to open, honest connection between male and female (standing in place as rough approximations of masculine and feminine forces), we gain access to the underlying principles that govern our existence. We essentially begin to discover what makes us one.

And this, is the opportunity of mixed gender groups.

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