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Staying Connected Virtual Retreat

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Turn your time at home into a crucible for your personal and spiritual development!

Join the international OM community for a 4-week deep practice retreat with teachers and coaches Lynne Forrest, Jack Elias, Justine Dawson, Lubka Strhakova and Kapil Gupta.

From Monday 13th April to Sunday 10th May, commit to one to three daily practices like yoga, journaling, traditional meditation, and fear inventory and then join any/all of the four weekly 90-minute coaching calls with:

Justine Dawson, Teacher of Dharma & the Erotic, Mondays at 8pm BST, on Erotic Solitude

Justine Dawson is a teacher and guide of dharma and intimacy. A 23 year practitioner of Insight meditation, she completed training as a teacher under Jack Kornfield in 2012.

In addition to her training and practice in traditional meditation and Buddhist theology, Justine has devoted over 12 years to engaged practice and teaching, particularly the realm of the erotic.

Mentored for a decade by Nicole Daedone, she is one of the most senior teachers of OM globally. She has taught throughout the US and Europe, establishing and guiding communities of practice, as well supporting dharma retreats at venerable American spiritual institutions.

From the inside out she works with people to dismantle the shame, fear and judgment that prevents them from intimacy with all aspects of life.

Jack Elias, Buddhist Teacher & Clinical Hypnotherapist, Wednesdays at 6pm BST, for Insights and Practices to Liberate Yourself from Fear & Shame and Make you a Compassionate Communicator with Yourself and Others

Jack Elias is a Buddhist teacher and clinical hypnotherapist. He began practicing and studying in 1966, developing the deep understanding of Eastern philosophy and spiritual practice, that he would go on to merge in the 1980s with Western healing modalities like hypnotherapy & NLP.

Jack began his teaching and private practice in 1988, founding the Institute for Therapeutic Learning and Lucid Heart Therapy & Life Coaching.

In 1995, Jack published, 'Finding True Magic,' a radical synthesis of Eastern & Western insights and techniques that enable us to liberate ourselves from the trances of needless shame and fearful suffering.

With his passion for helping others conquer their fears to bring real love to their relationships, and find true wealth and success, Jack has helped thousands of people with his "true magic" process.

Lynne Forrest, Spiritual Mentor & Realty Guide - Thursdays at 3pm BST, for the Reality Formula Group Process

Spiritual mentor and teacher Lynne Forrest uses ancient principles (which she calls the Guiding Principles of Reality) to help those she works with “make peace with reality, transform negative feelings and give up the need to control outcomes.”

A lifetime student and observer of metaphysics, Lynne started out in the mental health field in the early 1970s, moved on to the working with addictions in the early 80s, before she set up her own private practice in 1985.

She is considered one of the pioneers of codependency and family of origin work in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is known around the world for her work ‘Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness.’ She has been an ongoing teacher and guide to those on a spiritual path with OM.

Lubka Strhakova and Kapil Gupta, Dynamic Relationship Coaches, Fridays at 6pm BST, on Principles of Deep Listening, Communication and Play in Relating

Lubka Strhakova and Kapil Gupta, co-founders of Nibana, are both Master OM Life trainers and experts in man-woman dynamics. They have been OM practitioners for 7+ years with more than 8000 OMS between them. Working at TurnON Britain, they were instrumental in ensuring that Orgasmic Meditation was available to those who sought it, in the UK and Europe.

They have been in relationship for over 6 years and were married in Jan 2015. They teach and coach together about conscious and dynamic relating.


On sign up, you will be added to a secret retreat Facebook group for peer support on your daily practices and for help digesting themes and topics that come up in each week’s calls.

Although there are no coaching calls on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, you continue to do your practices and connect with others through other community events and conversations in the secret Facebook group.

Sessions will be recorded and available to watch in the group for the duration of the programme.

The International OM Community and teachers want as may people as possible to be able to benefit from this opportunity.

The guide contribution for the virtual retreat is £399.99

If, however, you are adversely financially affected by the Covid-19 crisis or the guide price is beyond your current means, there is also a pay-what-you-can option with a minimum option of £100.00

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AJ Theolade
AJ Theolade
Apr 13, 2020

Hi Valerie, you should have received an email from


Hi I paid for this workshop yet I haven’t heard anything about how to access the calls. Is it a zoom call?

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