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Shining a light into your basement with Orgasm

The practice of OM teaches us that the game of power isn’t won in an instant.

Contrary to what our achievement-based culture promotes, we discover through OM, that power is neither a random nor a linear-process.

The ability to experience life as deeply nourishing and gratifying is a symptom of power, and OM shows us that this can only be cultivated - through practice and the willingness to risk going deeper and deeper beneath the surface of our lives.

It is in our depths that we find the natural source of Orgasm, and by journeying there, that we become powerful enough to completely access this source with ease.

Orgasm is both a source of power and the way to its cultivation. As practitioners, we begin to embody orgasm with our practices - OM, Fear Inventory, yoga, and meditation. These “heat” us up, providing both the courage to begin to look at our taboos and unspoken shame, and the crucible for alchemizing any darkness into love.

It is those aspects of ourselves that we hide, keep secret, refuse to acknowledge much less befriend, that block our access to everything from nourishing sex to the experience of wholeness and being able to play under any circumstances.

Orgasm teaches us surrender - the master key to power through play - by activation of the involuntary. We may begin to find it more and more challenging over time to keep up appearances and hide behind polite conversation. We may find ourselves in places and positions we never dreamt of being in!

As the walls of propriety start tumbling down, with courage we are given the opportunity to discover who we truly are, free from conditioning and the world of “shoulds,” and “have-to’s.” We may get our first taste of flow as we tap the realm of infinite creativity.

Orgasm shows us that there is a wide gap between who we thought we were and who our experience tells us we are. In the space that opens up, our true selves can emerge and we can find wholeness by integrating all the parts of ourselves - the good and the bad.

(Reading from Wednesday 1st July International iOM call)

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