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Shifting the relationship equation

Especially when I speak to men who are curious about the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, although they are intrigued, they almost always ask the question of “Why OM?” Why would you spend 15 minutes stroking the clitoris of a woman with your index finger when you could do an equal if not better job with the tongue, with both people progressing to being stroked at least an equal number of times?!? It can be hard to understand a practice that involves the genitals but isn’t sex. What difference can a partnered practice in which one person remains fully clothed while the other has their genitals stroked possibly make?

Undermining our conditioned understanding of what sex is, is only the first script that OM rewrites. Practitioners gain access to a new definition of orgasm that isn’t about climax and achieving something, but is about what is subtle, exists at the level of sensation, and is present in every interaction with life. OM goes on to also flip the script on intimacy and connection and they both take on whole new meanings. Whereas we once came into relationship with the fear that we are not enough, OM offers the invitation to connect with the desire to experience ourselves as whole in and of ourselves and release others from the burden of making us complete.

Once the invitation is accepted, relationships shift from being fear-based to being desire-based and become crucibles for our self-awakening. We recognise in the interplay between us and others, those parts of ourselves that require attention and healing, if we are to be whole and have lives marked by power and fulfilment. We discover that personal power is only possible when we become deeply aware of our desires and are both able to share them and work with others to make them happen.

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