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OM vs Tantra

It isn’t uncommon for people who are curious about orgasmic meditation to ask how it is different to Tantra, or for those who already practice Tantra to ask whether OM can enhance their practice in an way.

We tell them that one of the primary ways in which the two can be distinguished from each other, is that OM is one practice - a 15-minute partnered meditation in which the focus is on the point of connection between a “stroker’s” index finger and the clitoris of a “strokee.”

Tantra, on the other hand, includes a variety of rituals and exercises that can include breathing, eye gazing, body movement and muscle control.

Where they are similar, however, is that the philosophy that underpins Tantra is similar to the one at the foundation of OM with both working for instance to realign the masculine and feminine and make use of sexual energy as a form of personal and spiritual development.

We maintain that as an inclusive practice OM can enhance any other practice including tantra.

I asked Tantra-Practitioner and OM community member Ann-marie Avory what are the top 10 things she would want anyone who OMs to know about Tantra and this is what she said:

1) Tantra gives a methodology of sensitive conscious relating with yourself and others through all experiential levels - that is “energetic/aura/spiritual “/emotional and physical levels - thus touch and spiritual practices can be combined.

2) This multidimensional approach and perspectives gives rise to sexual and sensual healings.

3) Dynamics of pleasure which includes the energy body

4) There are creative structures and teachings : some modern and some ancient

5) Its a vehicle to enable you to experience yourself as a bridge between heaven and earth

6) Through these connections of heaven and earth / energy body and your physical body and also the larger bodies of life. There is enabled a connection to the “ocean” of life. The endless oceanic waves that can include blissful waves.

7) Tantra is a path to enable increased and heightened sensitivity. Which gives a sense of self love and wonder. It thus frees one from the addiction to stimulation as all the stimulants are within us. Your body is a sacred Temple that houses your Spirit.

8) Tantra is about BEING not DOING

9) To experience yourself as an energy body - will take you to an expanded consciousness - as you become aware of yourself as a formless flow of energy. As you take form through the conscious flow of your energy using the power of your focus and awareness. It’s application is through all life and is indeed limitless and not just limited to sexuality and sensuality. It can be applied to self /family -children /world family/planet.

(Ann-Marie (aka Deva Awanatta) is an apprentice teacher from John Hawken's renowned Paths of Transformation tantra school who hosts "introduction to tantra" events. She will co-host a special Valentine’s Taste of Tantra evening on February 16th described “a special event where Humaniversity will meet the path of transformation.

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