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Deeper Reflections on Practice

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

On the third Monday of every month, you can enhance your OM practice by being a part of a conversation with a Master Certified OM Life® trainer and coach.

An inclusive feature of the Orgasmic Lifestyle series subscription, 'Deeper Reflections on Practice' can be a part of your yearlong discovery of how you can upgrade your sex, relationships, sense of purpose and fulfilment through the practice of Orgasmic Meditation*.

With your subscription, you will also have a choice of monthly courses, weekly conversations with certified OM Life® trainers in 'Reflections of Practice', and discounts on special events hosted by the International OM Community. You get to explore more deeply in community and watch replays of your favourite events!

You don't have to subscribe to benefit, however, though you will save if you do!

Join us on Monday 15th June @ 7pm BST, 2PM ET, 11PM PT, 1PM CT, for 'Desire & Surrender - A Q&A' with Master Certified OM Life® trainer and coach Justine Dawson.

"As we navigate a new reality of both uncertainty and uprising," says Justine, "we might be asking questions like "what is the place of desire?" "How do we stay rooted in the deeply personal guidance of our body, while fully being in connection with and responsive to life around us?"

"And as OMers," she says, "we know the visceral truth of interconnection... and that the path of desire is equally about pursuing and surrendering. We know it's about deeply tuning in and discovering - "What do you sense as the way forward?" "What is your desire saying?"

Let’s get together on Monday 15th @ 7pm BST, 2PM ET, 11PM PT, 1PM CT for a 90-minute 'exploration of sex, OM, intimacy and desire in this new era.' Bring your personal and most intimate questions for a truly interactive Q&A. There is a special discount for new OMers!

Justine has been practicing OM for more than 12 years and is one of most senior teachers of OM globally. Mentored by Nicole Daedone for over a decade, Justine has taught throughout the US and Europe, establishing and guiding communities of practice.

As a coach, she works with people to dismantle the shame, fear and judgment that prevents them from intimacy with all aspects of life. Both practical and provocative, Justine is a translator between worlds, bridging the rational and instinctual, theoretical and visceral, above and below. She is currently keeping it real in Los Angeles, CA.

*Orgasmic Meditation is a trademark of Onetaste Inc. and is used with permission

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