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The benefits of sisterhood for Women Who OM

In Women’s group, we have been working through the ‘Turned On Woman’s Manifesto’ together. We have been using each exercise as a daily prompt to share our self exploration with each other.

The ‘‘Turned On Woman’s Manifesto’ is Nicole Daedone’s invitation for a group of women to work together as they awaken to their power and purpose. The founder of the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, Nicole believes that the feminine learns, grows, and transforms with more depth when it is in connection with others. When we engage with an idea by sharing it with others, she writes, “we invite it inside, and work it out in our hearts and bodies.”

There is also another reason for doing the work of awakening together. Being a “Turned On Woman” or a “Woman Who OMs” isn’t easy without support. Waking up to decades of suppressed desire and discovering it as the foundation of your power is giddying.

To have the life that Desire whispers you can have requires that you discard lots of conditioning around who you are, why you are here, and what it means to be in relationship with others. Nicole describes a “Turned On Woman,” as one committed to an elevated sense of “purpose, relationship and sexuality.” Her work is threefold, focussed on the “body, mind, and heart.”

It really helps to have your sisters around you as you tackle your fears, your hiding places, your passions, addictions, desires big and small, and catch sight of the bigger vision that is possible for your life. We are there to hold each other’s hands as we dispense with our limited notions of attractiveness and how much pleasure we can have. As we learn to stop conforming to the expectations of those around us and discover ourselves as more than average and able to define our circumstances, we meet each stage with the love and approval we find in the eyes of our sisters.

If you are a woman who OMs, you can join the Women Who OM Zoom call 3 Sundays a month and share daily on the “Women Who OM” thread on WhatsApp by messaging us through our closed though not secret group on Facebook - Women Who OM

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