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I was brought up in an environment that valued education, success, achievement, a good career, wealth, and family. As a young adult, I spent 15 years building a successful career and a long term committed relationship and found myself happy on the surface and very disconnected underneath - with myself and with the people around me.

I then spent the last six years living a very spiritually monastic lifestyle full of practices, including Orgasmic Meditation, that were based in connection and relating. I learnt about myself, my impact on the people around me, to value myself, the significance of connection and being connected to my body. I also learned a new paradigm of relationships, and how to be authentic, vulnerable, and be in approval of my shadow (the so-called negative aspects of our personalities). During this journey of personal growth, I have taught 1000’s of people from the front of the room and supported 100+ people through one on one coaching. 

I started my journey of personal growth with the enquiry that, “there must be more to life than what I was experiencing” and a deep desire to understand women better and I am keen to keep sharing that learning with others. I love working with people who identify as men and with couples on the topics of Dynamic Relationships (relationships that are ever evolving), Feminine-Masculine (logic vs feeling based) communication, Life Purpose, and Living a Life that is based on Desire (finding your own blueprint and designing your life from there).

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