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Women Writers On Female Pleasure

“A new sexual revolution has begun,” according to ‘Sex Drive’ author Stephanie Theobald, “and this time round women are in the driving seat.”

Stephanie set out to prove the truth of this statement in a road trip across the US in which she learned among many other things, the art of self pleasure from female sexual liberation pioneer, Betty Dobson and the freedom that comes from bearing your breasts in front of 600 women in a programme run by the author of ‘Pussy,’ Regena Thomashauer aka ‘Mama Gena.’

Stephanie’s written account of her adventures in sexual awakening was published not long after author Isabel Losada, probably best-known for her bestselling ‘Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment,’ published ‘Sensation - Adventures in Sex, Love, and Laughter.’

Realising that she had somehow managed to omit an exploration of sex in a decade’s worth of writing about happiness, Isabel went on to spend a year finding “out every single thing […] about sexuality and what makes it work.” Her forays included “a women’s workshop where she [had] to get naked,” “the first international conference on clitoral stroking,” and work with tantric masters on “mystical sensations.”

30-year old journalist Felicity Morse also answered the invitation open to women alive in the 21st century to find a sense of self and access to personal power through an inquiry into sexuality. Felicity’s ongoing and circuitous journey resulted in ‘Give a Fu*k,’ a book that not only emphasises the importance of feeling, elevating it to the level of a superpower but also restores sex to its rightful place as “one of the fundamental benefits of being alive.”

For Women’s Day this year, the London OM Community brings together these three women to share the inspiration from their sexual explorations including what they discovered about themselves, sex, and pleasure along the way!

Stephanie Theobald is a British novelist, journalist and broadcaster known for her playful and thoughtful work around sexuality and alternative feminism. She writes regularly for The Guardian, The Sunday TImes and Elle and is the author of four novels. Her new book, Sex Drive is a road trip memoir fuelled by masturbation. Oscar-winning actress and writer Emma Thompson has urged the curious to "read it and quiver!”

Isabel Losada is regularly described as ’The UK’s Sassiest Spiritual Author.' Her books combine humour with a serious look at their subject matter. She has worked as an actress, broadcaster and public speaker as well as a comedian and author. Isabel remains firmly committed to narrative non fiction & swimming against the tide. ‘Sensation: Adventures in Sex, Love and Laughter’ is Isabel’s sixth book.

Felicity Morse is a former journalist, social media producer and online news editor who transitioned to being to a life coach and author after her own journey in awakening her emotions, womanhood, and sexuality beginning in 2015.

On Thursday March 7th at 7:30pm, Angelspace, meet the authors and:

  • Discover how female perspectives on coital satisfaction and body image have changed!

  • Explore what it takes to embark on your own discovery of physical gratification as a woman!

  • Find out what men can do to support women’s focus on pleasure!

  • Learn what it takes to energise your intimate life with different types of orgasm! Hear how orgasmic meditation can help you get in touch with your body!

On the night, there will be an opportunity to purchase books and to ask your own questions of the authors, so be sure to get your ticket early as this promises to be popular!

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