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‘Willingness and Surrender - Your Power to Create Winning Relationships’

Nicole Daedone, author of ‘Slow Sex’ and the practice of OM, compared the relations between women and men to being stuck in a Chinese finger lock. She shared a view that both sexes are having the experience of being stuck while holding onto the belief that the other has the antidote. The solution she offered is for them both to stop pulling in opposite directions and bravely face their conditioning. It is only then that, she said, that they will be able to discover together “how to enter and meet” inside orgasm.

“My OM practice is an ongoing challenge to my conditioning,” says certified OM Life® trainer Aneka Theolade. “Working with my conditioning actually began with making the choice to even learn OM. I had to get willing to discover how a practice that involved stroking my genitals could be a pathway to spiritual and personal development. That really seemed outside the realm of possibility.”

“That was more than 3 years ago now and since, OM has challenged just about everything I know about myself as a woman - where my power lies, the depths of my desire, what feminine responsibility is. It has also helped me interrogate what I thought I knew about men and how relationships work.”

“I have learned that not only are men willing but they also enjoy meeting a woman’s desire. Sure, I have witnessed them battle with what OM is, questioning whether they were giving up their autonomy or if they would ever get theirs! And I have also seen many of them answer those questions and become men willing to understand and surrender to the feminine, discovering first hand the empathy that arises when masculine and feminine meet in practice.”

“I have discovered whether in OM or in life, especially when I am dealing with a man who is willing to relinquish his own conditioning for us to be in true connection, that we can both win in relationship when I am responsible for my desire and my turn on - willing to ask for what I want and teach what it means to handle me.”

Join Aneka on Monday 10th August @ 7pm BST, 2pm ET, 11pm PT, 1pm CT for a conversation on ‘Willingness and Surrender - Your Power to Create Winning Relationships.’

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