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Why OM?

We each had our reason for learning the practice of OM.

We may have wanted to feel more in our bodies - able to access more subtle sensations, as well as, greater connection with others. We may have been drawn to OM by a desire for more presence during sex or to learn and understand more deeply our own or our partner’s sexual responses.

Whatever our reasons, we discovered that to actually have what we wanted, we needed to make OM a practice. The kinds of changes we longed for could only take place over time and our practice started simply by keeping our focus on what was going on in every OM. We relinquished all other goals apart from staying present and connected.

Some of us may have felt 'nothing' in our first OM, something barely perceptible in our 5th, and maybe only a soft warm sensation spread across our chest in our 20th OM.

To experience the growth of our attention and the expansion of our ability to feel, we had to take on OM as a practice, in the same way we would yoga, tennis, or an instrument - anything for which the levels of mastery occur as infinite.

As we cultivated our practice - we faced our resistance, embraced our love for OM, turned towards our fears as we committed to our desires, opened up our sex and our lives, and learned the true meaning of surrender as some of our relationships expanded, while others did not.

When we look back now at where we began, so much has changed. There are the treasured frames, our stark discoveries, the challenges we had to overcome and the insights we will never forget.

There may be no one reason now why we OM. Our practice has become an invaluable part of our lives.

Reading from the Wednesday 3rd September International iOM meeting

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