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What OM taught us about Love

In an international OM community first, members of the London, New York and LA OM communities will make up a panel of practitioners, coming together to talk about love in the month of all things romance and relationships - February!

Join us on Sunday February 9th 2020 at 12:00 PST, 15:00 EST, 20:00 GMT and 21.00 CET for ‘What OM taught us about Love - OM practitioners speak about connection, love and relationships.’ -

The virtual panel will explore how OM shifted the views of those who practice it, in the areas of connection, love, relationship and sexual fulfilment.

For many, learning Orgasmic Meditation offered them an upgraded understanding of how their desire was actually an asset in relationships, how they could create connection without having to compromise, pretend or create strategies to have the intimacy they wanted. They discovered that truly being themselves, honest and authentic in their communication and connection, that they could be loved for who they; that they could enjoy life as the person they were meant to be - shaped by a personal relationship with their own desire and purpose.

Before OM, it is often difficult to imagine how a simple practice could create such profound shifts.

For one of the panellists from the London OM Community, Caoilfhionn Nic Conmara, the practice helped her to totally reconsider the way she evaluated herself. “Before learning to OM,” she says, “I was very attached to shoulds. Especially when it came to love.” Caoilfhionn explains that she once believed that she “should be skinnier, more successful, more established, to deserve love.” “I used to believe that I should only love perfect men,” she continues, “that I should only give love to friends at appropriate times.” It was after learning the practice almost 3 years ago, that Caoi says she began to deeply experience her deservedness of love. “Now I know that I’m lovable as I am and that people don’t need to be perfect to receive my love. It doesn’t need to be saved for special occasions. I can love and that feels wonderful.

New York OM Community member, Ann Justi, met her husband Don through OM. She says she learned the practice over 5 years ago because “OM seemed more interesting than tantra.” “Before OM, love had to be more logical,” she explains, “OM taught me how to feel love in my body, and how not to be attached to when and how I will find love or how it should look.” Through OM, Ann says that her definition of love has expanded to include herself, her partner, her communities and a appreciation of what is happening right now and how it feels.

Don, who has now been OMing for more than 3 years, says that he “came to OM out of simple curiosity,” but that it “grew into something more meaningful.” For him, OM became a way to feel more connected to others and more centred in himself. “If there is anything that OM has taught me about love,” he says, “it is how to be open to possibilities I hadn’t previously considered and how to love my partner just as she is without any expectations.”

Max Wolf has been a member of the LA OM Community for the last 5 years and says that while he was a successful business man before OM, with a fairly active sex life, he couldn’t describe himself as “deeply connected to the women around me in a meaningful way.” “Nor could I say,” he continues, “that I was a yes to love when it presented itself to me.” Max says that by making OM a regular practice, the better able he was “to feel women more deeply and hold whatever sensations came up in relationships and interactions with women and people in general.” “One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed,” says Max, “is that I am more readily willing to say yes to love when it was presented or offered to me. This has allowed in the past couple of years to experience deep meaningful relationships with women and many electric friendships with them as well. It has taught me to open to loving more fully all the different ways that the feminine is and can be - learning to love all the subtle shifts and changes and desires that come up from time to time - a spot that I did not have much time or approval or love for in the past. I have learned to lean into and appreciate and love this for what it is more fully. To meet it on its terms rather than mine. I am deeply grateful for the practice of OM and how much more fulfilling, deep, and connected, my relationships with women are.”

Triad Erik, Sepia & Monica each have a personal relationship with OM and how it has shifted the way that they define love.

Erik learned to OM more than 8 years ago and says, “in those days, I couldn’t feel much, and most of of my romantic relationships I coasted into almost by accident.” “Since then,” however, he continues, “OM has helped me recover my emotions and taught me to understand those of others. These days my life is abundant with love - in grateful receiving, and in expressing its outpouring - and my relationships are unimaginably great.”

Monika, who learned OM 4 years ago, says she was drawn to OM because of the “community and a practice where we can go to these deep places together.” “I’ve always been drawn to growth through relationship. My relationships before were stuck in some patterns of transactional giving. Now I find I’m able to give more love and respect to my partners when I don’t get what I want or where my ego is challenged. Like in OM I practice loving without an agenda or goal but with intentions created around places I want myself or the connection expand. My relationships feel mutually generative, nourishing and adventurous with lots of unexpected twists and turns.”

Sepia, has been an OM practitioner for the last two years and says, “my experience of love has widened and deepened through OM.” “I find myself more present to love, and willing to honor it in how it appears in my life beyond the more limited scope that I reserved for my ideas of romantic love in particular, prior to OM. I’m more willing to honor love, to trust in love, and to receive love, when I’m feeling messy, human and “imperfect”, and when these more confronting qualities are present in my partners. Prior to OM I was pretty concerned with how my love, relationships and partners appeared to others on the outside. What‘s important to me now is how true it is. Having more honesty in love.”

Panel moderator, Aneka Theolade, is from the London OM community and says that while she first came to OM out of curiosity, she quite quickly intuited its potential as a shot of something new for her 10-year long relationship. “I was in my second marriage,” she explains, “when I came across OM.” “I was worried that like the first, the 11-year mark would spell the kiss of death but OM gave us a whole new future.” “I can’t say it’s been easy redesigning our relationship based on desire instead of obligation and uncovering the patterns that no longer serve our growth, but it certainly has been worth it. Every time I get into the nest with my husband Franck, I am so grateful for OM and the way it reminds me every time of how deeply connected we both are, even after an argument or something that leaves us feeling like we’re from different planets!”

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