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Turning Back On

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

This September, rekindle pleasure, practice, purpose & play with erotic coach Justine Dawson

Have you been feeling backed up, lethargic, depressed, anxious... tumesced with the stirred up reality we are all inside of? Are you finding your current circumstances and energy challenging? Without a doubt, the energy is high right now and there are big forces at play!

"As erotic practitioners," says master-certified OM Life® coach and teacher of dharma and the erotic, Justine Dawson, "we are in unique positions to both to feel it deeply AND transmute it."

"That means we can either get knocked out by how much we feel," she continues, "or engage and use it for fuel."

But how do we find turn on in the midst of restriction and turmoil? What does it look like to move out of surviving (or flailing) and into erotically thriving in high intensity times? 

Join Justine and the International OM community for a two-week container about turning back on to erotic power and action in our lives ... no matter the circumstances, and converting tumescence into connection, creativity, sex and play! 

Justine will bring her insights and depth of experience to coach you and reveal your own knowing, power and path to ignition - converting your lead to gold.


Turning Back On Your OM Practice

Wanting to get back into your OM practice but not sure how?

In 'Turning Back On Your OM Practice,' the first session of the series, on Wednesday 23rd September at 7pm BST, 2pm ET, 11am PT, 1pm CT, Justine will help you:

  • get clear on what's personally holding you back from engaging with the practice or taking it as deep as you desire

  • penetrate your resistance to the intimacy of getting in the nest

  • gain practical strategies for handling vigilance around COVID safety

  • engage your practice to ignite your erotic engine, whether you feel like it or not


Turning Back On To Pleasure

You wouldn't be alone if a sense of pleasure feels a bit absent from your life right now. Having more time, especially in lockdown, doesn't necessarily equal more sex and erotic pleasures!

In 'Turning Back On To Pleasure,' the second session of the series, on Saturday 26th September at 7pm, 2pm ET, 11am PT, 1pm CT, Justine will lead participants through on exploration of how to:

  • reconnect to seduction, sex and the flow of orgasm in your body

  • tap into to your current resonant expression of sexuality

  • tap into your own well of pleasure, to feel the erotic available in every moment - solo or in connection


Turning Back On To Your Purpose/Creation

Whether the pandemic has left you looking for work or reinventing what you do, your ability to harness the erotic energy can ensure that whatever you do is rooted in purpose and is infused with creativity and pleasure!

In 'Turning Back On To Your Purpose,' the third session of the series, on Wednesday 30th September at at 7pm, 2pm ET, 11am PT, 1pm CT, Justine will coach you on how to:

  • discover ways to cultivate and express your erotic energy outside the nest

  • move beyond surviving to creating and contributing

  • refocus and re-energize the purpose you know you're here for

  • tap into power to create from pleasure


Turning Back On To Play

There is always a game available. You might find this hard to believe and discovering how this is true, could give you the power to reframe any circumstance and begin to experience more of your life as a playful adventure!

In 'Turning Back On To Play,' the final session of the series, on Saturday 3rd October, 7pm, 2pm ET, 11am PT, 1pm CT, work with Justine to:

  • look for the game inside your current situation

  • orient your mind to the perspective of play vs problem

  • identify the "players" in your life and the games you can play together to bring more joy, aliveness and expansion into the current moment

Sessions can be booked on a standalone basis or as a whole series. With your purchase of all 4 sessions, you are added to the private Facebook group for the series, where you can watch replays of sessions and easily access accompanying activities, group conversations and the individual Zoom link for each session!

About coach Justine Dawson:

Justine Dawson is a 23 year practitioner of Insight meditation, and completed training as a teacher under Jack Kornfield in 2012.

In addition to her training and practice in traditional meditation and Buddhist theology, Justine has devoted over 12 years to engaged practice and teaching, particularly the realm of the erotic.

Mentored for a decade by Nicole Daedone, Justine is one of the most senior teachers of OM globally.

She has taught throughout the US and Europe, establishing and guiding communities of practice, as well supporting dharma retreats at venerable American spiritual institutions.

From the inside out she works with people to dismantle the shame, fear and judgment that prevents them from intimacy with all aspects of life.

Both practical and provocative, Justine is a translator between worlds, bridging the rational and instinctual, theoretical and visceral, above and below. She is currently keeping it real in Los Angeles, CA.

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