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The Practice Path

Self Mastery through Practice is one of the conditions of Orgasm!

Join the International OM Community every Wednesday for the next 12 weeks for The Practice Path.

Orgasmic Meditation* teaches us that one of the conditions of Orgasm is Mastery of Self through Practice.

Orgasm requires that we relinquish our reliance on comparison and keeping up with others as a way to extend ourselves, and instead invites us to discover ourselves and our potential through a commitment to practice.

OM itself is a 3-fold practice, in which practitioners are encouraged not only to get into the nest on a regular basis, but also to engage in movement like yoga, as well as, more traditional mindfulness meditation and/or writing activities like journaling and inventory.

The 3-fold practice of OM is an integral one, meaning that it is designed to address the body,

mind, heart and soul.

Every Wednesday at 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 12pm PT, 2pm CDT for 12 weeks, come explore what it means to create and maintain a practice-based lifestyle, including:

* How to design a daily practice, work with resistance and homeostasis

* How to cultivate supportive connections in community for the maintenance of your practices, as well as,

* How to distinguish the shifts in perspective that light the fire of desire when it comes to mastery through practice.

Starting on Wednesday 23rd June with Stepping on the Practice Path -

Register in advance:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

(Orgasmic Meditation* is a trademark of OneTaste Inc. and is used with permission)

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