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The Pleasure Diaries

Until now, the domain of sex has largely been viewed through the male perspective – and therefore approached in a masculine way. Focussed on climax, this kind of conjugality has left far too many women unaware of the depths of bliss possible and the true extent of their own pleasure appetites.

Even when a woman is willing to own her sex and seek out her own bliss, she is considered a unicorn. It is also assumed that without the agendas of a long-term relationship, marriage, and children, that she is not interested in emotion or connection, but desperate only for the mechanical act.

There is, however, the possibility of a new context for physically intimate relationships and a generation of men and women coming together to create it. Confronting the negative stereotypes of the sexually expressive woman as a “harlot,” and the surrendered man as “weak,” these men and women are enjoying no-strings-attached connection and intimacy coupled with a mutual gratification that isn’t primarily dependent on the peak of the experience.

And this is what ‘The Pleasure Diaries,’ panel event is all about.

Have you ever wondered something like:

· What it will it take to really enjoy my sex life?

· What’s the big deal about sex anyway?

· Is there more to physical intimacy than just intercourse?

· How can I satisfy my partner’s appetite?

· How do I feed my own ravenous sexual desire as a man or woman?

Join the new London OM Community on Wednesday 9th November at 7:30pm Angelspace for ‘The Pleasure Diaries,’ a no-holes barred conversation on how to go from sexual deprivation to feeling deeply satisfied and nourished, no matter your age or relationship status.

Madison Hughes

Madison Hughes says that she is dedicated to bringing consciousness to every area of her life - from communication to pleasure, business to sex.

A successful entrepreneur, who has been featured in Vogue, the Sun, and on Channel 4, discussing conscious sexuality, Madison is the founder of ‘The School of Power,’ an organisation dedicated to elevating consciousness and helping people to reconnect to their bodies through meditation and guided movement.

“I spent a long time being disconnected from my body, my intuition, and my sensuality,” explains Madison, “I felt weighed down by cultural and social expectations of how I should look and behave. Encouraged to hate or change parts of my body.”

Madison says that she discovered on her own pleasure journey, that “when we make our bodies wrong, bad or ill-fitting, treat certain parts with shame or embarrassment, we disconnect from our innate wisdom, our intuition, our sensuality, our desires”.

“In ‘Pleasure Diaries,’ I want to share how I reconnected to my body and reclaimed my sovereignty over it,” says Madison, “showing that through pleasure, it is possible to develop a relationship with our bodies that we never thought possible - that’s where true power lies.”

Joanne Cooper

Dating, Sex, and Relationship coach, Jo Cooper say, “growing up I constantly heard the words, “no, you can’t have that,” or “no you’re not allowed that.”

She explains that to “rebirth pleasure” in her life, she needed to undertake a “a continuous and committed journey of exploration” that has allowed her to connect her “senses to pleasure, the oxytocin of life.”

“In ‘Pleasure Diaries,’ I want to share some juicy stories about what it looks and feels like to ask for 100% of what you want and create pleasure in your everyday life.” “I want women to know that they can create “life as a queen,” and like me, “speak their truth with honesty and vulnerability.”

“Prepare to be electrified.”

Caoilfhionn Nic ConMara

Caoilfhionn Nic ConMara describes herself as “a woman deeply committed to pleasure.”

An OM practitioner experienced in BDSM and Jade Egg practices, she works as a coach helping people explore conscious sexuality. “My long-term vision,” says Caoilfhionn, “is to improve the sex lives of millions of women.”

Caoilfhionn explains that she has experienced her “fair share of bad and painful sex.” “For years I struggled with interstitial cystitis, thrush and a tight pelvic floor,” she says, “basically anything uncomfortable that you can get in your genitals, I’ve experienced it.”

It was from this pain, explains Caoilfhionn, that she learned how to heal by listening to her body. She wants to use this experience to help women overcome the shame they feel discussing their genital health. To make what’s taboo totally normal. She believes that this will help women to enjoy far more pleasurable and empowered sex.

“Earthy, irreverent and downright filthy,” Caoilfhionn says she revels in the profane.

“At Pleasure Diaries, I want to walk women through my pleasure rituals and how I have turned my life around from pain to orgasmic delight!”

Aneka Theolade

Panel moderator and Housewives Alchemy Sex, Desire & Self-Esteem coach, Aneka Theolade, says she was totally disconnected from her body until she discovered the practice of OM. “I didn’t know I was disconnected from my body,” says Aneka, “but it makes sense.”

“I am a rape survivor who has struggled with self-esteem issues since childhood. It’s not surprising that I migrated from my body to my mind to survive.”

Aneka explains, however, that it was in the unconditional pleasure available in OM, that a sense of her non-negotiable worthiness began to click. “I have discovered that pleasure is my power,” she says, “learning what feels good to me, how to ask for it, and that I can have it, has completely revolutionised my life.” “I now have the courage to stand up and be counted and pursue my deepest desires - one of which is to host conversations that take sex and intimacy out of the shadows and make them available to as many people as possible.”

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