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The Body You're In

Answering honestly, how do you really feel when you look at your body in the mirror?

Does your chest seem too narrow? Your tummy too round? Your eyes too far apart? Maybe your physique isn’t as toned as you want it to be?

The way you see yourself when you look at your reflection is called your body image and dissatisfaction with it, isn’t just about what you see, but also about how you think you appear to others. It is for this reason that body image doesn’t only affect your confidence - it impacts your interpersonal relationships, sexual desire and satisfaction, and your overall sense of self in the world, as well.

Even if successful in multiple areas of life including academics and career progression, we often can’t genuinely feel good about ourselves, unless we feel good about our bodies.

Conditioned by our early childhood experiences, the way we were parented, how we fared through adolescence, not to mention the cultural fixation with appearance in the media and Internet, body image is a key consideration in maintaining the kind of self-esteem that ensures health, happiness, and good relationships.

Negative body image has been implicated in everything from eating disorders to anxiety and depression, making putting our appearance into perspective and learning to love ourselves a pertinent topic for our times.

Join the new London OM Community on Wednesday 28th August at 7:30 pm for ‘The Body I’m In,’ an expert panel on body shame and unconditional self-esteem.

Come discover:

* How your body image has been shaped

* The difference your body image has made to your life

* Why body image matters

* How to begin to work on body confidence and esteem

* What healthy self-esteem is and how you can cultivate it

Get tickets at

Panellists include:

Sara Ellis is a certified Hypnotherapist and Author.She trained as a Specialist at the National Centre for Eating Disorders. She has a practice on Harley St where for over 20 years she has helped many clients to achieve body confidence and freedom from sabotaging addictions. She has been featured in The Sunday Times and The Daily Mail and is an often quoted expert in the media.

Becky Carter is a qualified Integrative Counsellor and Coach, who works with both adults and young people, in a s holistic and intuitive way. She integrates different therapeutic approaches and coaching tools to support the individual needs of each client, believing that joining the dots between past and present helps heal the relationship between mind, body & soul. Becky has an interest and passion for working with complex trauma, trauma/PTSD, domestic violence and sexual abuse, as well as troubles with self-esteem, shame and body image.

Psychotherapist Eva Koumpli is the founder and director of the Tree of Life Clinic. She specialises in trauma (relational trauma, complex trauma, sexual trauma), sex and relationships, eating disorders, addictions, gender and body image issues. She has extensive experience of working in numerous mental health organisations, NHS hospitals, prisons, eating disorder and addiction treatment programmes and as an advocate of mindfulness meditation, has incorporated this into her work.

Panel moderator Aneka Theolade is a certified OM trainer and 'Desire, Sex, and Self-Esteem' coach who works with people to reconnect them with their bodies and develop an unconditional regard for themselves.

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