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Setting an intention for the next phase of practice

What would it look like to integrate everything you have learned so far in your OM practice and set an intention for how you want to build it?

How do you want to integrate your OM practice into your life?

Taking stock of your practice to date, you may become aware of your expanded ability to generate energy and to approve of a wider range of sensations, situations and experiences.

You may have begun to channel your expanded capacity for sensation into your personal development - able to face the fears, doubts, shame and trauma that have been limiting your experience of personal freedom and an extraordinary life.

Without a doubt, even if you haven’t physically practiced OM for a while, there are things that you appreciate deeply about your practice and recognise as milestones on your growth journey.

And what’s your next thing? Not as a goal, but as an intention.

It is possible that being able to acknowledge just how good things are right now, might be a great start, and if gratitudes aren’t a problem for you, what would it be like to imagine even better? And set your intentions there for your practice?

Our OM practice makes it possible to set out a path for freedom, enjoyment and fulfilment which can include:

- learning to be in the moment - able to experience sensation without attaching to a story

- gaining freedom from the past by creating safe containers to look at the places where there is emotional residue including fear, shame, doubt and trauma

- connecting deeply to desire and learning to ask simply and specifically for what we want

- learning to manage difficult and uncomfortable feelings including tumescence and being triggered

and the list goes on. Our OM practice is only limited by what we think is possible!

What is next for you?

(Reading from the Wednesday evening community iOM meeting)

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