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Researching Relating with Angela

Updated: May 21, 2020

Join the International OM community and coach/founder of Satiate, Angela Richardson, for 'Researching Relating,' a 4-week container on on desire-based relating and taking on intimacy as a practice of awakening.

From Saturday May 23rd to Saturday June 13th 2020, join a dedicated group of practitioners interested in exploring and creating containers for relating that allow them to discover more about themselves and create the connection and intimacy they desire in relationships.

Throughout the programme, Angela will support participants to explore their desires, play with how to research them in connection with others and guide participants in creating containers to support their self understanding and growth.

The programme includes: * Three 2-hour Saturday calls

(11am PT, 7pm BST, 2pm ET, 1pm CT)

* A dedicated private group on Facebook for ongoing discussion and support

* Guidance in the form of video and written content

About Angela

Angela Richardson is the Creatrix of the Satiate Collective. Birthed in 2019, Satiate curates mature and inclusive events and educational experiences which redefine intimate relating - one conversation at a time.

Angela has a background in teaching, leading programs and organizations, coaching women, spiritual counseling and sexual fulfillment.

She has taught and facilitated transformation experiences and retreats for over 10 years on a variety of topics. She is also a practitioner of Orgasmic Meditation® and was mentored for 6 years by teacher and thought leader on Eros as a Path of Awakening, Nicole Daedone.

Angela is also an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner where she has studied with Michael Beckwith for 10+ years and guides individuals in soul-stirring transformations. Bringing all of this together, through Satiate, Angela now coaches and leads small groups through deep dives of excavation and play-research around intimacy, connection and fulfillment.

(Orgasmic Meditation is a trademark of OneTaste Inc. and is used with permission)

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