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‘Out of the Chaos - Redesigning your life with Radical Responsibility’

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

With Reality guide and author of 'Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness, Lynne Forrest

Join Lynne Forrest and the International OM Community this August for ‘Out of the Chaos - Redesigning your life with Radical Responsibility.’

Reality guide and author of the bestselling book ‘Guiding Principles for Life beyond Victim Consciousness,’ Lynne Forrest will take you through the principles of radical responsibility that make it possible, despite external circumstances, to:

*Find peace and freedom

*Reconnect with your personal power to redesign your life by discovering who you really are

*Befriend desire and trust it to guide you to your purpose

*See the Divine Design inherent in every situation and extract its gifts!

This 4 session programme can be attended on an ad hoc basis or as an entire series and includes:

Session One: Your Power to be Self-Defining

Tuesday 18th August - 7pm BST, 2pm ET, 11am PT, 1pm CT

“The minute we believe ourselves to be at the mercy of anything outside of ourselves,” says Lynne, “whether it's what others say about us, what they have done or are doing, or what is happening in the world, we become powerless. We blame. We attack.”

“When we think that it is the world that determines our happiness,” she continues, “we are essentially in victim consciousness and have handed over our freedom as sovereign beings to the world to let it define us.”

In this first session, Lynne will guide participants through how to recognise and activate the power within that is REALLY in charge.

“It’s all about aligning with that part of us that is beyond death,” she says, “and that came to earth with a plan that is currently playing out in our lives.”

Session 2: The Purpose of Chaos to Reawaken Your Passion and Help You Discover Purpose

Thursday 20th August - 7pm BST, 2pm ET, 11am PT, 1pm CT

While many of us would prefer to avoid chaos, “chaos is a natural, essential, and necessary stage in the process of healing,” says Lynne.

“Chaos is a “Kali’ energy,” she continues, “fiery and devastating, it wreaks havoc over our old patterns, the places we have settled, denied, and ignored. Chaos has the power to shake awake the sleeper in us who has settled for dysfunction and precipitates change.”

In this second session of the series, Lynne will teach participants how to access and harvest the chaos within to both choose and redirect their personal lives.

Session Three: Radical Self-Responsibility

Tuesday 25th August - 7pm BST, 2pm ET, 11am PT, 1pm CT

“Self Responsibility is our route to personal freedom,” says Lynne, “it is the only way to claim and truly reflect sovereignty as independent, free-thinkers, who choose how we want to express in the world.”

“Radical Self Responsibility starts when we make the commitment to give up blame, of ourselves, as well as of others,” she explains. “Instead of blame, we can use Guiding Principles based on Universal Law, to transform the way we see the world.”

“This is the process of Alchemy which turns the negative, unhappy stories we have believed and projected out onto the world outside of us into the gold of a cleansed consciousness, that is free and able to see the gifts in everything.”

In this third session of the series, Lynne will guide participants in a discovery of the difference between self responsibility, co-dependent care taking and bullying control, with a view towards creating spaces for free communication and sharing connection with others.

Session 4: Staying Connected to Divine Design

Thursday 27th August - 7pm BST, 2pm ET, 11am PT, 1pm CT

“We bring a sort of order to chaos when we recognize and use the heavy darkness we experience for transformational purposes,” says Lynne.

“We can use the grist of our lives to find the places within us that stand in the way of remembering the larger story about who we are.” “We can also learn to access our inner knowing everyday through a practice that includes intention, breath, visualization, and focused meditation and which may include movement, chanting, and clearing negative emotion.”

In this fourth and final session in the ‘Out of the Chaos’ series, Lynne will lead participants in a discovery of their own ways of connecting with joy, laughter, excitement, satisfaction, and inner peace.

Series Pass - ‘Out of the Chaos - Redesigning your life with Radical Responsibility’

Participants of the entire series can watch replays and participate in an ongoing community discussion in the private Facebook group for the programme.

Recordings of all sessions available to ad hoc attendees for 7 days after the event.

This programme is part of the Orgasmic Lifestyle Series -

About Lynne Forrest:

Spiritual mentor and teacher Lynne Forrest uses ancient principles (which she calls the Guiding Principles of Reality) to help those she works with “make peace with reality, transform negative feelings and give up the need to control outcomes.” A lifetime student and observer of metaphysics, Lynne started out in the mental health field in the early 1970s, moved on to the working with addictions in the early 80s, before she set up her own private practice in 1985. She is considered one of the pioneers of codependency and family of origin work in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is known around the world for her work ‘Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness.’ She has been an ongoing teacher and guide to those on a spiritual path with OM.

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