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Moving from Scripted Sex to Slow Sex

by Caoilfhionn Nic Conmara

So many of us grow up with conditioning around sex. The sex we saw in movies or TV or porn shaped what we expected sex to be. It was mostly represented as fast, performative, goal orientated and involved quick penetration. Oftentimes the sex feels scripted, boring and restrictive, which often leaves lovers feeling dissatisfied.

Many of us instead hunger for slow, connected sex. That feels in flow, is creative and involves the whole body. We'll be discovering how to do that in this workshop!

This workshop on Slow Sex is based off the principles of Orgasmic Meditation.

This workshop is for you if you want to

1. Move from scripted, performative sex to sex that's more in flow and pleasurable

2. Understand the principles behind slow sex and how to start the practice

3. Learn how to ask your partner to move to this style of lovemaking


- this workshop is for all genders and sexual orientations

- there will be no nudity, the session will be fully clothed

- the workshop will be interactive, so you will be able to bring your questions and you will be invited to answer questions about your personal experience (this is an invitation to offer your experience, you don't need to if you wish to remain silent)

- the space is confidential so everything you say in it will remain in the workshop

- this workshop is on Saturday the 6th of November at 6.30pm GMT/ 11:30am PST/ 2.30pm EST and costs £15

You can purchase tickets here:

If you have any questions in advance of signing up, please message me at

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