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Introducing the International OM Community

Hello my name is Aneka Theolade and I am one of the administrators of the International OM Community.

The International OM Community (IOMC) is an initiative hosted by a collective of certified OM Life® coaches from all around the world, who share a mission to ensure that people, no matter where they live, can always find out more about Orgasmic Meditation, practice safely, access the power of community, and discover the extraordinary personal and spiritual growth possible through the practice.

What that means for you:

It remains no better time to find out more about Orgasmic Meditation* and to learn the practice.

The IOMC hosts a number of events on a monthly basis for those new to OM including panels, workshops, and talks. These will be advertised here on this website and on local Meetup groups around the world.

If you decide you want to learn the practice, you can seek out a local trainer, through the IOMC website at, or learn online with a certified trainer from anywhere in the world!

Start your practice

The community is open to anyone who has been formally trained by a certified OM Life ® trainer or in the past in an Introduction to OM or ITO hosted by OneTaste.

Once your training is complete, if there is a local practice group in your area, your trainer will get you connected so you can find OM partners where you live.

Meet new people

The value of a connected international community is that you can find partners within commutable distance, when you travel abroad, and also when other practitioners pass through your neck of the woods!

In the IOMC, you can find support for your new practice in the form of weekly practitioner events online, both held for the wider community, as well as, for men and women separately. These are advertised in private groups on Whatsapp and Facebook that only trained practitioners have access to.

There are also regular in-community virtual speed date events designed to help you discover just how good connection can feel and what real intimacy looks like.

Become the person you want to be

At the heart of the IOMC is a mission to ensure that everyone who learns the practice really gets how it supports their personal and spiritual development.

The IOMC’s Orgasmic Lifestyle Series ensures that you can dive more deeply into a number of aspects of OM and also find out more about complimentary modalities including yoga and traditional meditation.

These include a Monday night conversation with a certified OM Life® trainer, a monthly Master level lecture or workshop, and a monthly 4-week programme.

Next year, London hosts the second International OM Community Urban Retreat, an 5-day opportunity for a global cohort of practitioners to spend 5 days together, practicing, learning, and developing connection.

The first International OM Community Urban Retreat was held in Munich in November 2019.

Find us the IOMC on Facebook at

Join the mailing list at

Got questions - send an email to with any questions.

* Orgasmic Meditation is a trademark of OneTaste Inc. and is used with permission.

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