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How to become a Man's Muse using the principles and philosophy of OM


“I longed to be a muse. But maybe that is the preserve of more delicate women” 💜

A friend or mine wrote this in a WhatsApp group just yesterday. 😓

It was a line I could imagine being spoken by Bette Davis or Vivien Leigh in All About Eve or Gone with the Wind.

But I knew what she meant.

History is littered with delicate, feminine women who are adored and revered by powerful men.

Their ethereal, fragile beauty captivating the great men of their time.

The type of women who knew that their beauty was their power and that being pretty was a way not only to survive but to thrive and also that they should not be too outspoken on the way.🤷🏻‍♀️

Yet although this is the typical archetype, it is also true that there are different kinds of muses for different kinds of men.

Whilst some might idolise the waif like, delicate type, others are super turned on by strong and feisty women whose fire burns in their more laid back souls.


👄 You can be feminine as either type.

❤️ You can be loved as either type.

💃🏻 You can be a muse as either type!!


A few years ago another friend of mine said to me (as we discussed men, love and intimacy) ‘you need to find a supporter. A really cool supporter’.

At the time I was attracted to men who were powerful, who were leaders; the so-called alpha male. Men I could look up to and go WOW!! 💥

There was a lot of electricity between me and these men. But too much actually. It was too explosive to contain. 💥🙈💥

Perhaps these men would be better with what my original friend was referring to as a more ‘delicate woman’.

A woman they could call their muse.

I was too much for them.

I also at that point felt that it was not possible to be a muse.

Flash forward to the present and I know in my core that I am my now boyfriend’s muse and that he is my supporter. 💃🏻 💪🏻💃🏻

Which - even though I hated it at the time my friend suggested it to me - is what I actually need.

He is not soft, my man. He has a super strong masculine. But he does not need the limelight in the same way as me and finds my creativity inspiring.

The reality is however, that I am also very much my own muse and that is a key reason why the relationship is working.

I have found a maturity in my feminine that all my training and experience in OM helped me to find and now she does not need to rely on the masculine for electricity and power. 🍑

When my previously immature feminine located power outside of herself it all inevitably blew up.

I am feminine. I am a muse. Yet I create my own electricity and expression. I am not fragile, delicate or dependant.

I am a muse of the strong, robust and fiery kind!!

🔥Muse, 💃🏻 inspiration, 💥 power, 🦋 holder of the arts and sciences.🌈

These things are in all of us.

Women no longer need to be pretty and demure to marry and survive.

We have so many more opportunities than our mothers and grand-mothers to create and express.

So many different ways to embody the Muse


The trick, whatever type of woman you are, is to keep your Turn On high!!!

OM will help you to learn how to do this.

When you bring your fully turned on self and adult woman to your relationship you will automatically be both your own and your partners muse.

Here’s a few tips as to how to cultivate that turn on, mature your feminine and call in your inner muse. ✨⚡️💃🏻👄✨⚡️💃🏻👄✨⚡️💃🏻👄✨⚡️💃🏻👄✨⚡️

☯️ Keep your attention on your own well-being. Nourish yourself. Include in your nourishment a regular OM practice. If you find yourself compromising or putting your man’s needs before your own then your turn on and your inner muse are going to take a hit.

☯️ Spend time outside of the relationship doing the things you love. Singing, dancing, playing and laughing in the company of other women are particularly good for your feminine and muse.

☯️ Get in touch with your deepest Desires and get into approval of them ASAP. Again, a regular OM practice will help you do this, as well other practices associated with OM and coaching with someone who is trained in OM. Our deepest Desires are often inexplicable and seemingly destabilising. Yet they are also undeniable. The muse dances with Desire. She does not second guess, worry or doubt.

☯️ Practice vulnerability and speaking your truth. In particular practice speaking your Desire (a key principle of OM). This may be messy at first but with some practice and guidance you will learn to express yourself clearly and with the energetic authority and power of the muse.

☯️ Practice receiving. A muse receives offerings. People dedicate themselves to her. They clear space for her arrival and make sure the conditions are perfect. Are you dedicated to yourself? Are you ready to receive this much? Say thank you for whatever attention, help and support you are offered even if it is not all that you want. This will encourage more to come your way.

Good luck Muses!!! Feel free to write to me here to let me know how you get on!!! AND / OR find this post on my facebook business page and share it with a woman in your life who needs the inspiration and get her to like the page. I post there daily.

Oh!!! And my friend who is longing to be a muse?? I know her husband. She’s totally got this. She just needs to practice that last bit 😉💃🏻😘

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