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'Feeling Men' with Chris Paizis

Chris Paizis joined the International OM Community on Thursday 18th June, to share his journey into the world of men’s work, coaching, and personal development. Chris shared that he started to look for answers “10 years ago after a difficult break up left him confronting his fears around intimacy and searching for more self-awareness.”

Chris says that he studied the Integral Coaching models of New Ventures West where he experienced the power of practices as a way to bring about lasting change, before he discovered the practice of OM in 2013.

After completing the OneTaste Coaching Program in 2014, he began coaching individual clients and teaching courses in San Francisco, New York, and London until 2018. He says he has spent the past two years refocusing on the basics in his life while integrating the learnings from OM into his everyday experiences.

He says that his approach to defining a new masculinity as one of the foundations of fulfilling relationships and sense a purpose has been enhanced by a growing understanding of adult attachment theory and human design.

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