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Fearless Relating

Keep your relationships loving and dynamic in the midst of uncertainty

This 4-session course is designed for you to learn to cultivate “a courageous, clear-minded and open-hearted adult state” when in intimate relationships.

There are a number of dynamics that come into play when relating to others, the most common of which, is reverting to a fearful child state. Work with Buddhist teacher and clinical hypnotherapist, Jack Elias, over an 4-hour period to explore:-

*How to end fearful acting out,

*Peacefully end disagreements with empathy,

*Behave in ways that are naturally beneficial to yourself and others, and

*Craft the kind of relationships you want and deserve.

Session 1

Stop Insecurity from Triggering Insanity

Tuesday December 1st @ 7pm GMT, 2pm ET, 11am PT and 1pm CT

Session 2

Stay Kind and Encouraging to Yourself when you Feel Worthless

Thursday December 3rd @ 7pm GMT, 2pm ET, 11am PT and 1pm CT

Session 3

Recognise your Power even when you think you’re Powerless

Tuesday December 8th @ 7pm GMT, 2pm ET, 11am PT and 1pm CT

Session 4

Relate with Unstoppable Empathy

Thursday December 10th @ 7pm GMT, 2pm ET, 11am PT and 1pm CT

Register Now!

In consideration of the potential impact the pandemic may be having on your finances, we are offering 3 payment options. We trust you to choose the one that is appropriate to your situation.

Stay safe. We look forward to seeing you soon!

About Jack:

Jack Elias is a Buddhist teacher and clinical hypnotherapist. Practicing and

studying since 1966, he developed his strong background in Eastern philosophy and spiritual practice.

In 1980 he began integrating this Eastern Wisdom with Western healing modalities such as hypnotherapy & NLP.

Jack began his teaching and private practice in 1988 when he founded the Institute for Therapeutic Learning and Lucid Heart Therapy & Life Coaching.

He has a passion for helping people conquer their fears to bring real love to their relationships, and find true wealth and success.

Jack says that once he discovered how quick and easy it could be to help people live fully and joyfully, he was hooked!

“I couldn’t imagine a more satisfying life than helping people dissolve their problems,” he says.

In 1995, Jack published, 'Finding True Magic,' a radical synthesis of Eastern & Western insights and techniques that enable us to liberate ourselves from the trances of needless shame and fearful suffering.

He says it has been his good fortune to guide thousands of people through the process of 'true magic' to living joyfully as their Authentic Self.

In addition to international client & coaching work, Jack offers personal transformation seminars, and hypnosis and hypnotherapy training and certification in Transpersonal Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy/NLP.

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