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Expression and Experiencing

I believe we've all been born here to Express and Experience. Expressing the experienced or the other way round.

Since I started OMing this has been the very important part of my life and growth. Expression is like a little meditation, my moment with God, with myself. Letting out anything that’s inside of me, as unfiltered as possible in the moment. I believe we’re all here on this planet to do that, to express and to experience ourselves in one form or another. For me the most pleasurable way of doing so is through creating and capturing what’s inside through art.

The other day someone commented on one of my creations and used the word ‘angry’. And there it was, the judgement of what my painting might have captured, the negative that appeared, the ‘don’t show to the world’ emotion. Anger, something that should be hidden and def not spread into the world. Maybe even fear of being a certain ‘unaccepted way’. To get me to a place of - OMG, here again judging myself based on someone else’s experience of me, of my expression, … and not just that! What is so ‘wrong’ about anger or all the negative emotions?! Usual reaction would be to try to hide it or pretend it’s not there, to ignore. That all leads to even more damage. It’s all part of us and more honest and open about those parts we are, more approval and love for those places we can find within us. On the other hand - more we wanna hide it and pretend it does not exist, more it ends up leaking out into the world the way we would not expect nor do we want. It simply is, it's part of us and probably always will be. It's more about the way we give it the outlet in a space that's appropriate for it rather than letting it control our lives.

It usually is so easy to ‘approve’ of the good, nice and loving Me; and somehow gets hard to express, allow or approve of the ‘negative’ part of Me.

I wonder what is the one 'negative' part of you that you've experienced today and allowed for it to be expressed? How did it feel? What were your thoughts as this was happening?

Photo kredit: Rhendi Rukmana

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Sep 24, 2021

Hi great readingg your blog

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