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Conscious Connection in the Age of Technology

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

On Thursday 31st January, 2019 at 7:30 pm, the London OM Community will host its first panel event for the year - 'Conscious Connection in the Age of Technology.'

Connection is very important in OM and is in fact, considered one of the conditions for Orgasm.

Practitioners consciously cultivate connection 15-minutes at a time when they OM - first rediscovering sensation in their own bodies before having the experience of sharing what is happening in the body of another!

In our busy workaday world, it is rare to slow down enough to really listen to what others are saying, or simply linger in the soft sensation of a hug …

Many people are aware of feeling wired and tired from the constant demands on their attention - staying on top of WhatsApp, email, and Facebook messages, dividing their focus among a series of potential lovers on popular dating apps, and building businesses on platforms like LinkedIn and Google.

Have we actually arrived at a time in history when we now touch our phones more than we touch each other?

While technology has made staying in touch easier, are we actually more disconnected from each other than ever before?

Are we constantly missing the present moment in a bid to capture it to share with others?

These questions and more will be explored by the 4 panellists at ‘Conscious Connection in the Age of Technology:’

Joanne Cooper, is a dating and relationship coach, yogi and artist. Co-creator of ‘The Art of Electric Dating,’ Jo is an expert on 21st-century dating and teaches singles how to develop electricity online and ensure that their virtual conversations don’t die out before they transition to real life relationships!

Dynamic Relationships Coach, Kapil Gupta, is one of the people responsible for bringing Orgasmic Meditation to Europe. Co-founder of the now-defunct TurnON Britain, Kapil has spent the last 6 years living a very spiritually monastic lifestyle, full of practices based in connection and relating.

Brought up in an environment that valued “education, success, achievement, a good career, wealth, and family,” Kapil says he spent 15 years successfully striving towards them all, only to discover that he was “only happy on the surface while disconnected underneath.”

Committing himself to mastery of a new paradigm of relationships, which included how to be authentic, vulnerable and in approval of the so-called negative aspects of his personality,

Kapil’s personal growth journey took him away from the world of IT and transformed him into a Dynamic Relationships coach!

He says that he now has a deep understanding of woman and loves working with people who identify as men and with couples on how to create ever-evolving relationships and lives fuelled by connection and desire.

International Tantra Teacher Hanna Tantra, also known as Maha Kali Ma, has been practicing Tantra for more than 40 years.

Hanna’s teaching is a unique synthesis of practices that includes Sufi meditations, Kundalini yoga, Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism, Tai Chi & Initiating in Cosmic Cobra Breath.

A specialist in psycho-sexual therapy, Hanna has taught around the world in countries as far apart as New Zealand and the Czech Republic, and was the Original Cosmic Cobra Breath Initiator in UK, Europe, and Israel.

Hanna’s commitment is to ensure that people live fulfilling lives that honour relationships, explore spirituality, and that connect to self-healing methods that empower.

Bob Hillary, Author of ‘Simplify - How to stay sane in a world going mad,’ has written a manual for what he describes as “these somewhat confusing times we have found ourselves living in.”

Bob is a passionate advocate of the ‘Live Simply’ movement, having given up city living after a decade-long 9-to-5 career that left him suffering from serious health issues in the form of M.E. - a neurological condition that affects the body’s nervous and immune systems.

Moving off-grid it took Bob more than 3 years to recover his health. In the process, he became a keen promoter of a lifestyle that includes regular yoga, meditation and natural living.

Apart from penning ‘Simplify,” Bob is also a beekeeper and folk music singer and songwriter who recently released an album also titled ‘Simplify,’ which he says is “ a reaction to the increasingly overfast pace of life and over-reliance on technology in this day and age.”

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