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Being Authentic

One of the ways in which OM was introduced to us was as an upgrade for our relationships.

We were told that OM would shift our understanding of our lives in a number of areas, all of which affected the quality of the interactions we had with others.

One of these areas is Connection.

OM philosophy maintains that it is our attempts to make up for a lack of connection that are the cause of human suffering.

Instead of the bankrupt ways we had been conditioned to seek, create, and maintain connection, we learned that, it is in fact Orgasm, that is at the root of connection.

Connection, it turned out, is both a condition and by-product of Orgasm.

We were taught that orgasmic connection requires that we stop faking pleasure and gratitude for what others do for us in order not to hurt them, and instead tell the truth about what we like.

It also asks that we dispense with our reliance on well-worn formulas, substituting them for the kind of body sensitivity that communicates the truth about the nature of what exists between us and another. We allow out bodies to become fine-tuned enough to let us know whether the electricity is really there or not.

In short, orgasmic connection is built on our authenticity - what we really want and how we really feel.

Our practice encourages us to elevate this kind of connection to the level of a conscious daily practice. Our aim - to experience flowing timeless connection and a complete lack of self-consciousness when relating to others.

Part of that practice is becoming more and more aware of the unconscious ways in which we continue to control intimacy and connection, even when it is what we so desperately want.

We may begin to notice where we hold back instead of saying the thing that would generate more connection, where we provoke others in an attempt to divert attention away from ourselves and control the situation, or how we throw up smoke screens in relationship to avoid the pain of believing we can never win in love.

We begin to experience firsthand how each of these primary compensatory behaviours - withholding, provocation, and obscuration - denies our connections of some of the essential ingredients of Orgasm - integrity, personal power, and love.

Reading from the Wednesday 13th January 2021 International iOM meeting on Zoom

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