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Appetite and Desire

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Join the International OM Community this July for 'Appetite & Desire' and learn what it really means to shift the locus of your relationships from fear to desire, and experience sex, connection, and intimacy, as nourishing, pleasurable, and fulfilling!

'Appetite & Desire' is a 4-week online coaching container by dynamic relationship coaches Lubka Strhakova and Kapil Gupta and includes:

  • A private Facebook group

  • Weekly content and assignments

  • Four 2-hour coaching calls - Saturday July 11th, Saturday July 18th, Saturday July 25th and Saturday August 1st at 5pm BST, 12pm ET, 9am PT, 11am CT on Zoom

Over the next 4 weeks:

Understand how to powerfully work with fear and discover what you really want

OM practitioners know, that they can transform their experience of intimacy by tuning into what they really want in the moment, and making simple offers and requests of their partners.

The practice of OM seeks to make this understanding pretty straightforward, though people are often surprised to discover that while the requests may be simple, asking isn't that easy!

A range of fears often show up when it comes to our desires, including, "What if I get it wrong?" "What if he/she doesn't want to practice with me anymore?" "Maybe I am asking for too much!" "I have never been able to get exactly what I want, I will make a fool of myself by even trying!"

These are the same fears that show up outside of the practice and when confronted by taking action on what we really want.

Nowhere is the average person more stymied than when it comes to being honest about what they really want in relationship.

Until desire enters the equation, however, and we learn to work with our competing fears, our relationships can feel obligatory, dry, and predictable!

We feel confused about who we need to be and attempt to become what we think others want.

In 'Appetite & Desire,' you will learn:

  • What fear-based relating looks like

  • How fear stifles desire

  • How to expand your awareness of unconscious behaviours that work against your desire in relationships, including limiting habits, conditioning, and beliefs

  • A new definition of desire that can transform your experience of yourself and your relationships

Find approval for your appetite and learn how to feed it

You wouldn't be alone if you were conditioned to believe that having a big appetite is a bad thing! We were all born with a deep lust for life and to repress that has taken quite a lot.

While you may have been unable to completely kill your ravenous hunger for deep connection, soulful laughter, and all-consuming play, you are likely to have found "acceptable" substitutes and compensations to keep your appetite quiet.

You may have even turned your compensations into addictions to keep yourself numb to just how much you really really want out of life!

Pervasive may be a sense of helplessness in relationship - "I don't know what else to do" - and an underlying current of anger, resentment, anxiety and frustration at being unable to experience satisfaction.

Your appetite is critical to being able to connect with your desire and generate the power to go after what you want, especially when it comes sex, intimacy and relating!

Creating the experience of pleasurable intimacy requires that we re-establish approval for our appetite and learn to feed it the nutrients it really wants.

In 'Appetite & Desire,' you will learn:

  • How appetite and addiction get confused

  • Why your appetite is a source of power

  • How to identify the unique nutrients you need and create a map of desire to get fed

  • The difference between sex and connection that is generative instead of depleting

  • How to meet the genuine experience of fullness

Practice making Desire the foundation of your relationships

Allowing desire to be the force that shapes your relationships takes commitment and practice.

It helps to build in new habits to keep yourself aware of your fears and of when your limiting beliefs and conditioning are at play!

In 'Appetite & Desire,' you will practice:

  • Asking for what you want in specific terms

  • Increasing your ability to receive

  • Showing the kind of gratitude that increases satisfaction

  • How to pay it forward

About Lubka & Kapil

Lubka Strhakova and Kapil Gupta, co-founders of Nibana, are both Master OM Life® coaches and experts in man-woman dynamics.

They have been OM practitioners for 7+ years with more than 8000 OMS between them.

They have been in relationship for over 6 years and were married in Jan 2015. They teach and coach together about conscious and dynamic relating.

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