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After Climax

Before we came to OM, we defined Orgasm differently.

For many of us, it was confined to the climax of a sexual experience, occurring as a result of a linear and ladder-like series of actions that grew in intensity.

OM invited us to expand our view of Orgasm to include all and any sensation and to see its presence in our everyday experience of life.

Our practice tuned us into the true nature of Orgasm - we discovered that it can go up and go down, that it can speed up and slow down, and that after the peak, there is, in fact, always more!

We may have found that after climax, there is often an experience of having been emptied out and of needing to reset. If we are turned

on at this stage, the sensations we experience are rich, subtle, nourishing. If we are turned off, however, we may feel agitated and trapped in a residual feeling of tumescence.

In an OM, after a peak, we practice staying with each stroke and tuning into the subtle sensations that are there. Although the Orgasm may be seem tiny at this point, with unconditional approval, we can discover that it is just right.

To extend our ability to be present to and turned on at the sheer magnanimity of Orgasm requires that we become responsible for managing our energy by taking care of our most basic physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual needs.

It is only when we are able to cultivate and maintain our own internal energy that we can enjoy the continuous interplay with external energy that gives rise to fullest expressions of Orgasm.

Reading from the Wednesday 26th August International iOM meeting

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