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A Focus on Pleasure

A focus on sensuality and touch in a relationship, says certified sexological bodyworker, Jessica Parker, “takes the pressure away from performative pleasure and helps to create a relaxed space that allows for a different type of understanding, a different kind of connection in relationship.” Jessica, also an experienced massage therapist and sensual events manager, known for tastefully curated events like Lady Liquid Love and Pleasure Island parties, explains that the space she describes isn’t unlike the one she works to create at her events.

“With my events, I create safe and new places for people to explore relationship dynamics.” “There is no pressure to have sex with other people,” she explains, and there is something that can open up for partners interested in redesigning their relationships, simply by being “in the same room where sensuality and sexuality among other couples is happening.” It is like an opportunity to experience “other types of relationships happening in a party atmosphere.”

Lady Liquid Love, for instance, is a space for females thinking about polyamory or other kinds of alternative relationships, to dip their toes into connecting with other bodies in a way that that isn’t necessarily sexual but definitely more intimate. It is a chance, says Jessica, for “women to explore how they feel in a room where

sensuality, intimacy, and connection are definable elements in connecting with other women.”

As a sexological bodyworker, Jessica says she empowers individuals and couples “to really think about how they communicate with consent, learn how to ask for what they want and provide the tools to vocalise and communicate in different ways including how to have an alternative relationship or how they see their relationship working in new and different ways.”

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